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Ajara Textile


Ajara Textile was set up in 2008 through Turkish investments when an old tea factory was purchased and Ajara Textile established as a local subsidiary. In December of 2008, the company began producing three lines and in 2013 increased that number to twelve. In 2011 Ajara Textile opened a second factory with plans to expand its businessin 2014 to 36 lines in total for both factories.

Ajara Textile produces apparel for internationally recognized brands such as Puma, Lotto, Erima. All products are labeled “Made in Georgia.”

Ajara Textile started to produce for Nike in 2014. Currently, the factory employs more than 1,200 people from neighboring villages and the number of employees is expected to rise to 2,000 as a result of the future expansion of the company.

Message from Management:

Cengiz Ozkendir, Director of Ajara Textile

Our company’s main goal is to create more jobs and employ more local people. In addition, our chief mission is to produce high-quality products that meet international standards. Because our clients include highly visible international brands like Puma Lotto and Erima, we produce superior quality apparel clothes.

Another goal of the company is to strengthen and increase capacity with starting production for Nike in 2014. With regard to the market, I can say that Georgia is the best place in terms of reliable tax policy– especially in the textile business. Georgia also offers suitable labor costs, low energy costs and preferential access to the EU market, all of which creates a fertile environment for production.

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