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Produce in Georgia


Project "Produce in Georgia" aims to encourage manufacture and agriculture industries in Georgia, and it offers two main incentives: financial resources and infrastructure (land, building, etc.):

Support with financial resources: If company gets a loan from the bank, Government can finance part of interest payment. However credit amount should be between 150,000 – 2,000,000 USD for manufacturing projects and 600,000-2,000,000 USD for agricultural projects. Credit interest rate is between 11-13% and the government co-finance amount is 10% (covers only first 24 months). 80% of loan should be used for purchasing of capital assets.

Support with infrastructure: If company agrees on certain investment obligation and it invests in new project (new factory or enlargement of existing one), it can obtain a state owned immovable property with free of charge. Investment obligation states that the enterprise should invest at least 6 times more than the market price of the property in Tbilisi and 4 times more than the market price of the property in regions.

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